Pressure cleaning is the most important part of tennis court maintenance, tarmac and synthetic grass courts will always get moss and algae build up which causes the court to become slippery and very unsafe to play on.
 With a full intensive pressure clean the moss and algae can be removed. once this is acheived  the court will only need a wash off and treatment once a year to keep moss and algae away. cleaning is also very good for the life of the surface. 

Colouring is the cosmetic part of the renovation process, once the court is fully cleaned paint is normally removed from the surface because of the high pressure wash, so recolouring is recomended to make the court look like new again! We only use the top grades of paint on our jobs to get the best effect when coloured. we always apply three coats of paint to give a more professional appearance. The paint also has a number of benefits such as it has non-slip products as well as moss and algae prohibitors.

Resin glue (binder) is a product that goes down just before the colouring process happens . The purpose of this product is to get the glue into the gaps of your tarmac so it hardens and this will generate a tight seal preventing the tarmac from breaking up in the future. This product is also porus so it will not seal the court and make it flood.This product is also LTA recommended.

Sometimes chainlink fencing can become very worn and old and need replacing! We offer a service that can repaint and replace steel uprights and put new chainlink fencing up which makes the court look like new.


If your court has become very worn and started breaking up under foot you are going to require a resurface which consists of pressure cleaning your court and drilling holes in the surface 500mm apart and back filling with pee shingle to give the new court surface good drainage. We then dig up the old tennis ground sockets and concrete new post fixings. Once the prep work is complete we can then lay  30mm of new porus sports macadam surface.